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Learn to attract corporate clients willing to invest 5 and 6-figures for your expertise during this
 one-day virtual event for women experts, coaches, consultants & service providers.

Attention women experts:

Did you know attracting just ONE corporate client could be worth more than 50 individual clients for your business?

(And much simpler, too!)

  • Corporations have budgeted to spend over 70% of their non-payroll revenue with outside experts like yourself. Are you positioned for your fair share of that $8 BILLION pie?
  • ​You don’t need complicated funnels or tech systems to secure 1 corporate client worth more than 50 individual clients. (Sigh of relief.)
  • ​The average woman-owned business grows by over 266% within two years of adding her first corporate client:
  • ​That’s the difference of growing from $44,000 to $161,000 in annual revenue OR the difference of growing from $100,000 to over $360,000 in annual revenue!


Women-owned businesses average 67% less in annual revenue than their male counterparts. (That's a $367k difference!)

Latina-owned businesses average only $51,000 annually.

Black-women owned businesses average only $24,000 annually.

"Liz J. Simpson you are one amazing woman! 
Thank you for the #CorporateClientChallenge.
I learned SO much and am so grateful for all the golden nuggets you offered and the community of wonderful women you created!"
-Tiffany C.
Chief Executive Office & Founder, CEPHR, LLC
"I was moved by how much information was shared.

Most would have charged THOUSANDS and not shared half of the valuable content.

Since then, I've been able to submit over 10 proposals and secured a national client!"
-Shantera C.
President, PowHer Consulting


  • You’ve relied on word of mouth and referrals thus far and now that the entire world has shifted- you feel vulnerable not being able to forecast where your next client is going to come from
  • ​Pre-Covid you were “doing all of the things” to land clients (with hours you DON’T have) and yet you were still not seeing predictable results…
  • ​Post-Covid, you’ve heard about every digital marketing strategy out there but you still feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall. You wonder- do these tactics even appeal to business decision-makers?
  • ​All things considered- if it’s the same amount of work to secure one $2,500 individual client as it is to land a $125,000 corporate client- to you, the choice is clear. Corporate client.
  • You are suffering from imposter syndrome- and you’re over it. You have the degree(s). The corporate experience. The proof of your contributions. The expertise. You know you’re undervaluing yourself in the market. It’s time to shift from best kept secret to category thought-leader.
  • ​You’ve landed a decent client here or there but you’re frustrated by inconsistent feast or famine revenue seasons. You’re ready for someone to take you by the hand and give you true systems to leverage for consistency.
  • ​Sales. Ew. The mere idea of sales makes you cringe. It’s a skillset you lack because so far no one has taught it in a way that feels good and authentic.
  • ​You’re triggered by the thought of six-figure corporate deals. You’re teetering on the fence of “No way! Not possible.”... and… “Say less. Show me the way!”

Imagine having a proven process for attracting and securing higher-paying corporate clients.

  • No more waiting for referrals you can’t control
  • ​No more questioning what to say to close the deal
  • ​No more doing “all of the things'' for sporadic, unpredictable results
  • ​No more playing small and underpricing your services
"To all the women who really want it:

Liz J. Simpson is THE ONE who can help you get it!

The money is BIG and the movement is even better!

I am blessed to have met you.

Thank you, Liz.

You changed my life!"
-Dextricia V.
E-RYT & Owner, YogaSign Academy
What if instead of winging it and underpricing yourself in the marketplace... you learned how to confidently create 5 and 6-figure opportunities with high-level executive buyers?

What if instead of relying on outdated strategies that aren’t working… you learned how to leverage digital to find corporate clients and build authentic, strategic relationships in record-breaking time?

Imagine what it will feel like once you’ve stopped playing small and stepped into the spotlight as the undisputed thought-leader in your industry… corporate execs seeking you out AND thinking absolutely nothing of investing $15,000, $50,000 or over $100,000 for your expertise.

Imagine the fulfillment of serving your dream clients- clients who value your unique point of view, are a joy to work with and who tell their entire network about the transformation you created for their organization.

What if instead of being stretched thin trying to wear all of the hats in your business… you had a proven sales strategy that allowed you to simplify, focus on the RIGHT clients and hire the support you need?

Imagine having true freedom as an entrepreneur...the freedom that comes with structure. Structures that allow you to build a rockstar team and enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build. What does that look like for you? Maybe work 3 days a week while watching your business grow? 

Imagine bringing your whole self to the work that you do. No more code-switching. No more fitting in the problematic box of homogeneous “professionalism”. Maybe the example you’ve been looking for in the marketplace is staring you back in the mirror. Who said you had to be anything other than exactly who you are? Corporate cultures are shifting. And they need the real YOU to help them get with the times and align with the “future of work”.

"I was fortunate enough to attend Liz's last workshop. I'm a serial learner who attends many trainings annually and I've never found a training so powerful and enlightening.

The gems she dropped were priceless and her energy is positively electrifying.

On day three of her training I was able to squire not one but two new clients using the techniques she taught. I can't wait to start my journey inside of The #BigMoney Movement.

Thanks, Liz!"
-Christianie C, MBA, EA
Founder, Victor & Associates


but you have a ton of questions!

"Where do I go to connect with these types of clients?"

"What do I say to position myself for 5 and 6-figure contracts?"

Better yet… "how could I even find the time in my packed, busy schedule?"

"This seems really hard, I don’t know where to start nor do I have a plan to follow."

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re trying to find a proven plan to attract corporate clients.

This isn’t the type of business model that Google is going to help you master. In the past, many women were deterred due to its “boys club” culture... having to know somebody who knows somebody.

Thankfully, much has changed.

Yet, without a plan to follow, it can be easy to make critical mistakes. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

That’s why I’m hosting Corporate Client Attraction LIVE!


is a one-day virtual event empowering women experts with the secrets to attract 5 and 6-figure corporate clients consistently.
Corporate Client Attraction Live
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  • Digital workbook + 72 hours of replay access
  • On-Demand Replay Videos
  • Digital workbook
  • Lifetime Access
"Liz, you are doing what you were called to do! Love your energy and enthusiasm...

as well as your willingness to share your knowledge to help so many of us. 

Thank you, Liz!"
-Linda S.
City Councilwoman & Master Trainer, Learning Linda
"I have to share! Had an AMAZING discovery call this morning. 

Scheduled my proposal meeting and felt so EMPOWERED with my discovery question fuel from Liz.

WHEN I close this deal, I will have 3 new clients in 3 different states locked in for a multi-year contract leveraging strategy management!"
-Sheena M.
President, Lengo Strategic Partners, LLC


  • Frustration
  • ​Struggle
  • ​Inconsistent cash flow
  • ​Serving any client that comes your way & regretting it
  • ​Leveraging outdated methods
  • ​Fairly unknown expertise


  • Clarity. You see the path and you know exactly how to get there
  • ​Confidence. You’re gaining traction with results and feeling empowered
  • ​Abundance. You have a system. You know which levers to pull to accelerate your results. With this consistency, you can now expand and stop being the bottleneck in your own business.
  • ​Digital Transformation. Who knows what our “new normal” will be post-Covid. Regardless, your business will be “pandemic-proof” with digital strategies that even your corporate clients are still clambering to master.
  • ​Thought-Leadership. Did you know corporate clients are willing to pay up to 13x more for the services of a highly-visible expert? We did. That’s why you’ll walk away with a plan for establishing global thought-leadership. And yes, it’s just as juicy as it sounds.
"If you want to talk #bigmoney and land corporate customers, I recommend that you sign up for this workshop.

This lady is brilliant teaching how to sell and earn the big accounts.

I was fortunate to cross paths with Liz and attend her masterclass.

She is simply AMAZING."
-Rosa E.V.B
CEO & Founder, Obsidian Partners


The Corporate Opportunity & How To Get Started

Where To Find & How To Attract Higher-Paying Corporate Clients

Expert Panel including corporate buyers and more!

Virtual Hot Seats and Q&A

The You in USP

*Formal details will be provided via email after you secure your seat.

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

Guest Expert: Perika Sampson

Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Gilead Sciences

Perika Sampson is the Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Gilead Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company ranked 116 on the Fortune 500 list. She is charged with leading a team of subject matter experts who provide advice, counsel, and leadership on inclusion and diversity strategies, programs, training, and practices. 

Prior to joining Gilead, she was the Senior Regional Diversity Officer for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s Pacific Coast Region. Her responsibilities included driving diversity and inclusion, executing talent acquisition strategies, facilitating community engagement, and supporting business development initiatives across the 8-state Region. 

She also managed national partnerships and led Wealth Management’s Return to Work initiative. She was also the Regional Diversity Officer for Morgan Stanley in the Great Lakes Region based in Chicago where she led diversity and inclusion strategies across ten states. 

Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, she founded and managed Dearborn Consulting Partners where she consulted on diversity and inclusion strategy and initiatives for Fortune 500 companies across several industries. 

Prior to her consulting career, she served as Vice President Marketing and Strategy in the Private Client Services division of Bank One (now JP Morgan). Additional corporate roles included senior marketing manager at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., and institutional relationship manager at Jurika & Volyes and RCM Capital Management in San Francisco, CA. She was also a founding manager of two internet-based financial services companies. 

Perika is an alumna of the University of California Los Angeles. She is a member of the National Association of Securities Professionals, Black Alliance of Colleges & Employers and serves on the board of the National Diversity Council. She recently served on the City of Los Angeles’ Private Sector Taskforce on Race and Equity. 

While in Chicago she completed a stint as co-chair of the. Financial Services Pipeline Initiative’s Steering Committee in conjunction with representatives from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the Chicago Community Trust. 

Perika is a member of the Oakland East Bay Symphony’s Taskforce on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. She is also a member of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Chorus board of directors. Perika currently serves on the Virginia Workforce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Advisory Committee. She is also chair of the Black Wealth Summit Advisory Board. Perika is committed to serving in the communities in which she lives and works. She resides in Los Angeles, California. 

Guest Expert: Lisa Hufford

Founder & CEO, Simplicity Consulting  

Lisa is the founder & CEO of Simplicity Consulting, which averages +$50 million in annual revenue and is run by an all-women leadership team.

She is the author of three books including her latest: Work, Your Way. 

Simplicity Consulting is an innovative enterprise marketing services consultancy that helps companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Providence accelerate sales and operationalize their business at speed and scale by accessing experts on demand.

Lisa's receipts:
🏆 Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company in America
🏆 Puget Sound Business Journal’s largest woman-owned business in Washington state
🏆 Inc. Top 10 Female Entrepreneur
🏆 Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Woman

Guest Expert
Jaqi Saleem

Founder & CEO, 
Qualified Digital

 Jaqi Saleem is the founder & CEO of Qualified Digital, an 8-figure boutique digital customer experience agency.  

After over a decade of working with agencies, Jaqi decided to give independent consulting a try. A couple of months in, a client offered an opportunity that led Jaqi to call the smartest people she knew to collaborate on a project.

They all said, yes. 

This was the accidental inception of Qualified Digital in 2017. Since then, the firm has experienced explosive revenue growth year over year under Jaqi's leadership. The firm is an accredited Women Owned (WOSB & WEB) company.

Qualified Digital's client list includes: Dropbox, Rubrik, Confluent, Netapp, New Relic, Riverbed and more!

Guest Expert
Caywood Yamnik

Vice President of Digital Sales, 

Caywood Yamnik has 12 years experience in the media industry and is currently Vice President of Digital Sales at iHeartMedia. Her responsibilities include sales training, campaign strategy and execution, and revenue development. Caywood thrives when she’s able to help others succeed and grow. 

Guest Expert
Jacqueline Jones

Head of Strategic Partnerships,

As the Strategic Partnerships Lead for Global Inclusion, Jacqueline's role is to unlock significant economic opportunities for diverse groups via thought leadership, partnerships and new product offerings.

With robust and extensive experience in Business Development, Product Management and Marketing, Jacqueline creates synergies between business partners to open new opportunities, products and markets. She is known for her collaborative approach and skilled leadership of cross-functional teams.

Throughout her career, she has excelled at creating and managing strategic partnerships for premier companies such as IBM, Clear Channel Communications, Harvard Business Publishing, Cable & Wireless, Kaplan Higher Education, and now LinkedIn.

BONUS #1: Expert Panel Session

Hear directly from major corporate executives in addition to entrepreneurs successfully landing major corporate deals in this bonus session where we will demystify the corporate client attraction process!

BONUS #2: Virtual Hot Seats

Watch an on-the-spot business makeover with host, Liz J. Simpson. Model what you learn to leverage your existing expertise to attract 5 and 6-figure deals!

BONUS #3: Private Advanced Masterclass

On Friday, February 25th, Liz will be teaching a private advanced masterclass for women experts who are ready to uplevel NOW. Apply for the rare opportunity to join this next-level session at no additional cost. 

(Replay access available for approved applicants who are not available to attend live.)
"Friends! I got a lead sent to me on Thursday and instead of doing what I used to do (and under charge), 

I quickly ran to Liz's proposal training, watched the video, followed the template and presented 24 hours later.

Client loved the ideas and trusted me to do it even though we've never met! Contract signed and deposit received this afternoon!"
-Dionne B.
CSEP & Chief Experience Officer, Events by Dionne, LLC


"Ahhh I hit my 90-day challenge goal!!! To the dollar!

Liz J. Simpson, thank you for the goal-setting session and all your amazing strategies and encouragement.

This means I will spend the rest of 2020 getting after my Q1 2021 goal and securing it before Dec. 31.

Ambitious? Yes. Excited? Damn straight!"
-Jacqueline H.
Performance Coach & Consultant, SOAR

There has truly NEVER been a better time to grow your business with higher-paying corporate clients. Remember:

  • Corporations have budgeted to spend over 70% of their non-payroll revenue with outside experts like you. Are you positioned to receive your fair share of this $8 BILLION pie in 2021?
  • ​You don’t need complicated funnels or tech systems to secure 1 corporate client worth more than 50 individual clients.
  • ​The average woman-owned business grows by over 266% within two years of adding her first corporate client. That’s the difference of $44,000 annually to $161,000... OR if you’re averaging $100,000 now- that’s an increase to $360,000 annually.
Starting now allows you to get a leg up in the market. All of your prospective clients are more accessible than they’ve ever been!

You know that if you wait and miss this rare virtual event, you’ll look back 6 months from now plagued by the same questions and frustration you’re experiencing today. Don’t delay. Secure your seat now. Limited space available!


  • You’re a woman entrepreneur, consultant, coach, service provider or expert
  • ​You know you have expertise but need a real strategy for how to position it to attract 5 and 6-figure corporate deals
  • ​You’re still in corporate and trying to map out your exit plan OR you’re already spearheading your very own service-based business
  • ​You’re turned off by spammy, short-sighted sales tactics and want to build authentic relationships with clients


You can keep trying to figure out how to land corporate clients on your own and hodge podge a strategy that “might” pay off eventually.


You can steal my proven step-by-step SYSTEM, book meetings with executives and start attracting 5 and 6-figure opportunities in a matter of weeks!

Think about where you want to be six months from now. Better yet, think about where you want to be ONE month from now.

"The process works.

The only thing I'll add is that the offering I created based on Liz's suggestion was the game changer.

4 clients came into my world through different channels but the common thread was the OFFER.

The offer moved all 4 into a discovery call and the call turned into a 5-figure week."
-Karyl M.E
Founder, The Image Impact Group


“Half of all businesses that lose a gorilla account (a client representing 35% or more of their revenue), DO NOT SURVIVE.”

The pandemic revealed this truth like never before.

It’s not enough to get lucky and land a client through your network. That does not make for a stable business that allows you security.

If you’re ready to stop messing around with your income and turn your business into a predictable cashflow machine, then Corporate Client Attraction LIVE is going to be the one-day virtual event that changes everything for you.



Had a proposal presentation today- and just got the signed agreement.

Let me tell you- I love Liz's proposal process. 

The situation summary is KILLER in positioning you as someone who knows and understands the problem.
-Jamie V.P.
Owner, Process + Results Leadership Development
"I have had TWO corporate clients sign their proposals!!!

Those two clients coupled with the launch of our signature program exceeded our revenue goals for this year!!

I will be putting in my resignation letter this week at my 9-5 job so I can serve these clients at the highest level possible.

I am so excited to share this news with you ladies and grateful that you have held space for me to experience all the emotions of this transition. Let's stay the course and do the work ladies, BIG MONEY is right around the corner for all of us.

This is just the beginning!!
-RJ C.
Founder, RJC Consulting Global


I’ve figured out the playbook and I’m ready to give you the plays.

What I will share with you has literally changed my life. This playbook has helped me:
  • Close $2.3M in 18 months selling small business solutions to executives
  • ​Be recognized by Linkedin as a Top 15 Sales Influencer
  • ​Be featured as one of Hubspot’s 10 INBOUND Fellows
  • ​Be featured on NBC, CBS, SXSW, 40 under 40, Essence and MORE!
To be completely transparent, necessity is the mother of invention. I tested and developed this playbook at a time when my back was against the wall.

I was pregnant with my third child and knew from the toll on my body… that my days of hustling around the clock and sacrificing precious time for “small money” deals were officially over.

My husband and I are both full-time entrepreneurs so there was no steady paycheck to rely on nor a plan B to fall back on.

Determined to find a way after giving birth, I went on to close over $500k in new business by the time my newborn daughter was 6 months old.

The best part?

I closed those deals with business decision-makers from the comfort of my home office on Zoom calls… while never missing a moment to breastfeed my baby girl.

This was 2016. Long before the current pandemic. Long before running a virtual, remote business and operating via Zoom was the standard.

Now after several years of benefitting from my very own attraction system, I want to hand it to YOU on a silver platter.

I recently read that women-owned businesses average 67% less revenue than their male-owned counterparts… And that did NOT sit well with me.

Let’s stop settling for doing just good enough.

No more “winging it” and hoping the money magically rolls in.

I’m determined to do my part to help you disrupt the status quo and create a new normal.

To your rise,